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Organising a stag weekend away is by no means an easy task to do. Especially if you don’t know all the stags friends as well as you want to. Trying to get in contact with everyone to see who wants to do what, chasing them for deposits and trying to make everyone happy, lets just say it takes the fun out of what a stag is meant to be remembered for. We make organising your stag party a simple and painless process. We work with all the best accommodation suppliers, activity centers and nightclubs. You book the event with one of our event managers and they will guide you through the rest. Here's some benefits why book with us:

Group Members Pay Online.
We can set up an online payment system so YOU dont have to run around trying to get money together for the stag party,...
Save money.
By purchasing your stag party through us you will save money, we have negotiated discounted rates with all our suppliers in return for the volume of business we send them. If we were charging...
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Because we mass buy and pay for accommodation in advance of bookings, this gives us massive buying power. This allows us to let the organiser or stag go...


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1 Night from£119
2 Nights from£159
The engines are revving, the lights are red, you are kart to kart with your mates waiting for the off, and the tension is ever mounting.  Weaving in and out...
Go Karting Package
1 Night from£119
2 Nights from£169
Clay shooting is a thrilling experience that demands calm concentration, a keen eye, and quick reactions. Perfect an aim and time a shots and soon there will be notching up...
Clayshooting Package
1 Night from£105
2 Nights from£145
The newest craziest sport to hit the world of soccer. You are strapped into large 1.6m diameter zorb balls and you go head to head against the other team. You...
Bumper Soccer Package
1 Night from£95
2 Nights from£135
Brace yourself for a 3-hour, nonstop action in a 20-acre land battlefield consisting of villages, woods, trenches, and closed quarters.  All equipment will be provided for except for your footwear....
Paintballing Package
1 Night from£125
2 Nights from£165
White water rafting is one of the most exciting activities available in the Ireland, and now is your chance to have a go at it.  It requires spirit, nerves of...
White Water Rafting Package
1 Night from£135
2 Nights from£175
If you thrive on challenges, mud, jumps, and speed then this experience is for you. The real fun begins once you've got the hang of driving these nippy, 4-wheeled machines!...
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